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I'm worried. My boyfriend really needs a job and he's applying everywhere, but no luck yet. I can probably scrape by and provide for us, but there's no way I can pay his car payment and insurance on top of all the other bills. He'll have to give up the car but if he does that, how will he get to another job? We don't live in walking distance of any jobs, he has asthma so walking or biking anywhere would be hard on him. There's no bus system that comes by our house that I know of. There are taxis and Uber but that would get expensive. We would have to share my car. Why does life have to be so hard. All I want is to work, pay our bills, and save for our future. I dont need anything fancy or expensive. I just want to live without this stress.

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  • Has he put in at the temp services? It's enough to bring home some cash and temp to hire at a nice factory. It worked for me when I was at rock bottom and now I'm an accountant.

  • You can get an electric bike or get a lease when he finds work

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