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Everyone always asks why girls don't want to date men shorter than them. Well, here's my answer. The only guys I've dated were shorter than me, and at first they all told me how much they like that I'm tall and all that bullcrap. Then, about a week in, they startet suggesting I should wear my flat shoes because it makes them feel self conscious when I wear heels. And then they throw tantrums when I wear my heels anyway. I don't let a guy tell me what to wear just because his ego is fragile. It's nobody's business how tall I am. They knew I'm taller, they knew I like to wear heels, and trying to change me just because they feel small is utterly stupid. There. That's why I don't date men shorter than me anymore.

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  • I can bang you anytime you want, I'm 6.3"

  • The reason is that men are supposed to protect women. And women want to feel protected. If you're shorter than the person you have to protect, it just looks like you're not made for the job. That's why women don't want a smaller guy and why guys feel bad when they're with a taller woman - they feel like they can't do their job. And before anyone comes to me like ''no I don't want to protect/ be peotected'' - yes you do. It's an unconscious thing coming from evolution. And if you really don't, and actually prefer a taller woman or smaller man, then you're an exception and every small man or tall woman is glad you exist.

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