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A girl in class today got up and down from her seat 4-5 times to get a phone call, disrupting everyone in her row. When the Prof asked her not to disrupt anyone. She got right defensive saying it's life or death and she has an individual freedom to check her phone. The Prof kindly told her she can sit somewhere with no one in the row so she won't be disrupting. And she got more agressive in her tone that it's not her fault they sat near her. So the Prof said she could leave if she wanted, but everyone has a right to be learning this material without interruption. Her response was "you wouldn't be doing this is it was anyone else. It's just cuz of my race that ur treating me like this".... What on Earth has this world come to... This sensitivity BS has gone way too far. White people are not racist simply because they are white. That's racist in itself. 90% of people base opinion on actions and attitude. Not colour or religion. But anyone who doesn't get their way are now playing the "ist" and "phobic" card (racist, sexist, homophobic,etc) it's rediculous. Canadians should not be walking on eggshells for people from other countries. We should be kind and welcoming. But we should not have to watch every little thing we say in fear of "offending" someone. We shouldn't be giving them more money than our own citizens. We shouldn't be attacked when we try to make equality. They want equality, then they can be accountable for disrupting classes. They can be accountable for crimes. They can get a job just like we do. They should have to apply for well fare and be put on a waiting list like we are. They shouldn't not be getting special treatment and still feel entitled to more. (Not saying all outsiders are like this. Just making a point that it does happen. And everyone has become too sensitive to everything people say)

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  • I would have said "Anyone else wouldn't be interrupting my class"

  • so it was a black girl?

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