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I have this co worker at the hospital, and he's so annoying. Let me explain, at first he comes off as really nice, funny, smart, nerdy. All the qualities I love in my friends. And then he immediately starts sharing too much personal stuff, like his severe depression, food addiction, messed up family dynamics... And we were all very supportive. His problem is that he ties his own happiness to others, meaning he's only happy when he's in a relationship with some girl, or crushing on a friend. He only then starts working out, dieting, taking his anti depressants, doing extra night shifts to make more money. But the moment he's single, he starts whining about how all girls are bitches how they broke his heart, how he's a loser, how he's going to kill himself. We all kept getting texts from him that he's going to kill himself, and we all would panic and go to see him or call or therapist in the hospital to talk with him. But he's still doing that, even though we all gave him lots of options to improve his life, but he thinks happiness only comes if you're in a relationship. We're starting to get tired of his shit by now, if you don't work on fixing and loving yourself, don't except others to love you and fix you! I know, I sound like a soulless bitch, but that's how life is.

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  • Why not help him? Who cares if you know him or not, he's obviously have problems he's unable to handle. He may feel comfortable around you to express himself, that doesn't make him annoying. He doesn't expect you to fix him, I am sure he want someone to listen to him. Since you're tired of him then tell him how you feel, I am sure he doesn't want someone like you in his life. If I were in your position then I'd help him. By helping doesn't mean you pay all his needs, just being there for him should be enough not going behind him back and saying these things instead of telling him in person.

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