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It somehow makes me angry whenever I see a pretty girl who doesn't dress nicely or is shy or doesn't bother to talk to guys... I know it's stupid, but I always think it's lost potential. Like, if you aren't interested in looking good, why couldn't God give someone else this beauty, someone who'd be grateful?? Like me?

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  • Start to appreciate yourself. Maybe you just don't see your potentials.

  • Or perhaps they are happy with themselves as they are or they just aren't overly feminine and don't want to wear fancy cloths and make up with their nails and hair perfectly done. It doesn't mean they have don't have someone greatful for them Ever think maybe they found someone who loves and respects them as they are? Or maybe they are in the middle of rebuilding themselves after a hard break up and don't want to be in a relationship? There are many different types of beauty it's a bit egotistical to think yours is the only one that matters!

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