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I told myself to stop expressing my feelings and yet I keep doing it. In the end I am the one who ends up hurt. How many times do I need to learn my lesson? No one cares about me so what's the point of expressing myself. I do this all the time and I hate it. I promise will never express my feelings and this time I am serious.

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  • I went through shit when I was younger and eventually put up do many walls that even my face is unreadable. My boyfriend who cares so deeply and knows me inside out can't even read me. I cut myself off to the world on an emotional level and I constantly regret it, please don't do the same.

  • Expressing feelings is a way to cope with them, swearing for example is proven to reduce pain and crying to reduce emotional pain, the reason why many people write diaries is because it's healthy to express and talk about your feelings, no matter if with a person or just a diary. If you feel like noone cares, either do it for just yourself,or get a diary. A thing that helps me is talking to myself. It might sound crazy but I sometimes talk to myself like I would with another person and after that I don't think about my problems as much.

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