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I have this friend of a friend, we've hung out a few times and I really liked him, but we're not close or anything. However, through our mutual friend and from the times we met, I learned a lot about him. And I think he has a serious psychological problem. I think he has a sex addiction that is destroying his relationships and making him unhappy. But he doesn't see that. Now, this isn't a topic you'd talk about to a mere acquaintance, but for some reason I am overly worried about him (I think about this a lot). I don't think it would be okay to talk with him about this, but I am not sure. If I just knew why it worries me so much.

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  • Sounds like he's 'Dramatic'

  • Well...you like him. That's why you're worried. The question is, if you take that step have a serious relationship, will he cheat, or worse get an incurable STD? I'm sure he is attractive. Do you hope to be more than a friend to him?

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