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so guys, i wanna ask for an opinion. my ex and i, we are in a good term. we broke up 7 years ago but we stay friend. About 2 years ago, we had kind of oral sex (i am sure theres no interaction between his dick n my pussy). Then, few months after that, i got to know from our friends that he just in a relationship with this girl from his college. Thus, i distant my self from him. Sometimes, he msg me but i rarely reply. So, around 2 months ago, he msg me again, he said, he love me, but he can't break up with his girl since thet dont have issues. I feel touched and yeah i olay along. He call me baby, sometimes sexting and we plan to hang out next week. i pretty sure he want me to blow job him. my question is, am i a side chick now? n if so, what should i do?

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  • thankz for the respond fellow anonymous n also u mr/ms portugese

  • sim, definitivamente voce e o estepe dele, ele nao vai terminar a relacao atual pq ele nao quer, logo a unica coisa que ele quer e seu corpo nu

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