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My life has no meaning.. I don't have anyone I can trust.. I don't have friends.. and my family members are so good at pretending that they care but they don't because they don't even understand me.. I want God to take me somewhere else, a happy place with happy people and positive vibes. I need you if you're reading this to help anyone u see faking a smile or so depressed that they can't even smile and give them a purpose to live. I don't have a job, I don't get treated with respect and I feel pretty old I'm only 20 yo. if you know anyone like me, HELP them please!

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  • Sometimes its best to step out of the box. Write down your interest. No joke...really do it. Then go to Craig's List to set up a community meet or do meet up (meetup.com). You will find people like you. Or just do a personal ad to meet someone. Be detailed. It takes work. Test your bravery and try. That's the advice I would give.

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