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My boyfriend rather drank beer last night than coming to my place. He had a friend over and promised not to drink anything so he could drive to me afterwards, but then, after staying up late completely tired, I got a text saying he had a beer and wouldn't come. I can't understand why alcohol is so important for some people.

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  • Why the fuck is everyone so fixated on the fact he had a beer? OPs issue isn't he had a fucking drink! Instead of half ass reading the confession read the whole thing before you stick your head in your ass. Op, I get it.. it's not about the beer it was about having a promise broken, sometimes that happens. Just have to take the good with the bad.. least he messaged you and let you know so that's a plus. Just talk to him about it.

  • poor guy, can not have a beer with his friend that his hysterical gf start to make a such drama. grow up OP

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