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First time getting drunk as fuck last night that I throw up like 10 time... literally thought i was going to die. I've NEVER throw up before from drinking! And I will not go down that road again! Made a fool out of myself, told my boyfriends roommate that i had a sex dream of him and that I want him to kiss me and would love to suck his dick. Good thing he didn't get too crazy. instead he took care of me all night long and hold my hair back and was very sweet till I passed out. My boyfriend is on my business trip and is out for 2 weeks so that's why he wasn't there. I'm just blessed I got really great friends in my life. At least I actually did something "crazy"! (I'm usually your typical goodie goodie) Oh and I smocked for the first time too! Won't do that again.. the weird thing is I don't give a shit what tomorrow bring for me and his roommate. I'm going to say yeah! I know what I said. And it was all true. I don't regret a thing.

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  • I kinda hope your boyfriend breaks it off with you.. you just don't say that shit to his roommate and then not even care if he finds out what you said.

  • you are such a hoe, and must be an ugly one since the other guy rejected you.

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