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dear you, Hi, it's been a very long time that we talked to each other. I mean talking face to face, because only through chat wasn't enough. Like, I want to, but everytime I look at you, mybl heart stops and i can't think. So I end up just stand there and stare, looking at you with jealousy because everybody can approach you really easy. Why can't I do the same? What is happening to me? I want to talk again with you, telling everything I can before burst into tears like I did now. Why I can't do that, while you are everywhere around me? I think you change, and also realizing that the one who change is me. I do avoiding you, passing you without looking at you eventhough I want to. Maybe because of that, you chose to keep silent and keep it until its really necessary to talk to me. Maybe. Why you keep it silent? Why you don't want to talk to me first? p.s : sorry for bad english, need to get that out of my system before tomorrow exam 😊

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  • hi how are you I'm fine

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