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My boyfriend is dating someone else. He knows I know. We've talked about it. They are both polyamorous, but I'm not. I've told him I would prefer if he didn't, but I've become used to it. I really just don't think about it. But when I do, it hurts a bit. He told me he wants to stop things with her, but doesn't want to hurt her and it's so hard for him to do. And I'm very understanding about it, but I'm afraid to tell him I want it to stop sooner rather than later.

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  • If you're not willing to leave then thats your fault. You're not into what he's into so technically he's cheating on you. You have no right to complain, you chose to stay then deal with it.

  • there is no such thing as polyamorous, there is someone who wants to fuck another person and call this situation as polyamorous. down votes are stupid as hell to believe in that.

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