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If you're not a good server you don't deserve a good tip. Why would I pay extra for bad service? If you have attitude or are slow even though it's not crowded you don't deserve a good tip. There were only 2 other tables in the entire diner and 1 had already gotten their food and was being served by the other waitress. You were back there texting on your phone then you let the other tables food sit in the warmer for almost 10 minutes when you went outside to take a cigarette break. We had to remind you 3 times to bring our drinks before the other waitress ended up doing it. Then when i asked for bbq sauce you rolled your eyes and sighed. After that you completely avoided our table until we were finished. The other waitress took our dessert order and brought it out and then you brought the check. I made sure to hand the tip to the other waitress because our original one didn't deserve a penny. All she did was take our order and get BBQ sauce.

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  • In my country the servers have a salary and the tip is optional, when I moved to the US I worked as waitress and the paycheck is actually nothing, we depend on tips to survive. Of course there are horrible servers everywhere but I always give them the benefit of the doubt and assume maybe they're just having a bad day or something horrible is happening in their lives that is distracting them , so I give a good tip anyway because it makes the difference between having food for your kids that day or no. I worked with lots of servers are restaurants and I've seen excellent ones having bad days because the boss is a jerk or the previous table was racist etc

  • I don't know about other countries, but the policy in mine is, that the tips don't belong to the waitress who earned it. The tip money all goes into a pot and then is devided equally to all members, including kitchen staff

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