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I get jealous easily about a lot of things. It's not that I don't have anything, it's that everything i get or do is such a struggle so it's somewhat irritating when it's so easy for other people.

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  • Be grateful of what you have.

  • Sometimes it seems like other people have it easy, but they don't. Sure, sometimes it is like it seems. But I know a lot of stories that prove the other point. There was a girl in my class who seemed so intelligent, she always had the best grades and I was so jealous of her intelligence, because I'd have to study 2 weeks to get her grades. Her best friend eventually told me that she has no social life or hobbies because she actually studied 24/7. Always. Because of some issues with her parents who expected her to be so good. I then worked on a group project with her, on something she couldn't prepare, and noticed that she was actually dumber than me. The best friend I named, she was a beautiful girl. Blonde, big tits, I was so jealous I could rip my bones out. She had it so easy, everyone did everything for her, she could choose any guy, even teachers liked her more. I once witnessed a panic attack she had from her anxiety, and after that she told me about her condition that will cause her to be forced into a wheelchair one day. And then there's this dude who gets everything shoved up his ass by his parents, he gets so much expensive things, lives in a Villa, and didn't have to work a single day to afford college. He got into a fight with his father, I think about the career he wants to do, and his father isn't giving a penny anymore. Now the poor dude has to learn from scratch what it's like to live without money. I call him poor because I feel actually bad for him. It's not his fault his parents didn't teach him how to work for money, and the higher you sit, the harder you fall.

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