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this isn't a confession and (I have a period question so be warned I guess ) I am disabled I have to use a Walker to get around I have no balance what so ever so I can easily fall etc etc ... well I use pads which I absolutely HATE they feel like diapers ... I want to use a tampon how would i get it in the correct way ..while keeping my no balance in mind ...fyi this would be my first time using them ..I don't even know the position to hold a tampon and all that please please help.

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  • Are you able to sit on the toilet at all by yourself? If so that could be easier for you to insert the tampon.

  • There's instructions on how to put them in in the boxes but the key is to relax all your vaginal/abdominal muscles or it won't go in, you can also put one in whilst sitting down on the toilet. Don't worry if it feels uncomfortable the first time you put it in because you're not likely to get it right the first time around, practice makes perfect.

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