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I just want someone to care for. Someone to be there for. Someone to hold. To cuddle. Someone who wants to come to me with their bad day so I can make it better. Someone to come to me with the good times so they don't have to be happy alone. I want to be wanted and needed. I want to make someone happy. But it seems I can only fall for the wrong girls. This one isn't into me. This one is straight. That one doesn't even want to be friends. I know I can't force someone to like me. But can't I just fall for a girl who falls for me too? I know the looks don't draw someone in. And the personality isn't exactly the best.... So I guess there's no hope really. Maybe some of us are just meant to be alone.

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  • if you are someone who likes taking care of people and making their days better your personality can't be that bad ;) first try to accept yourself for who you are. then other people will notice you as a stronger person and you will be more positive in general. this might boost your luck

  • yeah, I want someone like you... but a woman that accepts a guy with so many flaws, has still to be build

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