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Tbh I think I only want a boyfriend for chocolate, like so he can buy me some everyday. Thats why I broke up with my ex, I thought to myself Am I in love with you or am I only dating you so you can buy me stuff? Then I tore his heart out of his chest and gave him a lie for why I broke up with him. Young love, I was forced to date him and didn't know how to break it to him. I think us dating was supposed to be a joke but I did love you, when I was 14. When I turned 16 I was telling myself lies, I was growing, he said his grandparents , met each other at 13 and got married years later. When the new year came I thought it was naive of me and him to continue dating because I just saw him wasting my time and me using him. Like now he should be able to buy that 3 D scanner that he was trying to save up from his lunch money, which I practically took from him as I didn't bring lunch to school. Which at this day I'll say was very selfish of me. He was my first love, but everyday it was less and less like a fairy tale.

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  • what the fuck

  • Normal part of growing up. Sometimes, we have to make a mistake first to realize that it's a mistake.

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