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Yall I made a surrealistic poem about the activity series of non metals and metals. F2>O3>Cl2>Br2>O2>I2>S, Li > K > Ba > Ca > Na > Mg > Al > Mn > Zn > Cr > Fe > Ni > Sn > Pb >H2 > Co > Hg > AG > Pt > Au. First off, Clearly BrO, It's Shit. aLive Kangaroos Barely CaN Mingle AMong Zoo Creatures. Fearless Nick Snaps Pebbles Here in the Cupboard Hinges Again after Petting Augmented kittens. I'm really sorry, bit I had no one else to share this with :D

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  • Can I get a cheat sheet?

  • Sounds cute :) I don't get it because I suck at chemistry and science lol

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