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If you have to buy a pregnancy test from dollar tree you shouldn't be having sex and damn sure shouldn't be having kids.

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  • I think what they mean is if you HAVE to buy one for a dollar you shouldn't have kids. There's nothing wrong with saving a couple bucks, but if you can't spare $12 for a pregnancy test, you shouldn't be putting yourself at risk.

  • Jeez, which seems smarter to you? Spend $1 to pee on a stick and possibly find out you're pregnant. Or spend $12 for basically the same test and same results. If you bought the name brand version, that's $10 wasted instead of being used for baby supplies. You will get the same result as long as you do the test right. And if it's inconclusive? Go to the health department or a free clinic for confirmation. Again, same results as a general practice doctor or ob/gyn but a hell of a lot cheaper and more money to use for your family.

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