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There is this group of friends in my school that I used to be part of... I really like hanging out with them really. But one day I got so busy with student council I joined, I really love to be the part of the SC so much too but being in SC really got me busy and I can't hang out much with them. But we still went to the same classes that time so we were ok. But during school break my phone broke and I can't contact them during the time we must choose our classes online and I end up in different class from them. And slowly we got farther from each other, I also found many other new friends through SC and classes. We still talk when we see each other but they don't invite me to hang out anymore. I miss them but I just can't say it.

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  • But, you can say it. Just give it a try and see what they say or do. I had a friend who I was close to for 10 years. We drifted apart after my move. I contacted the person saying I miss our friendship and wish it didn't fade away because we became busy with life. After that we've stayed closer than ever. Sometimes you just have to reach out to an old friend and things can change. Whatever you do, I hope you are happy. 😊

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