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A girl in my school got bullied for her dark arm hair because she had a lot of it, and was constantly told to "please shave it looks disgusting". I also have quite a lot and didn't want to get bullied too, so I shaved it. A girl once touched my arm and noticed the little stubs, asked me if I shave, I said yes, and then I got bullied for shaving my arm hair. Meanwhile, a different girl got bullied for her thick eyebrows, she also got told to shave her eyebrows. Another girl had no natural eyebrows and drew them on, and people bullied her for that, too. It proved to me that no matter what you do, people will judge the hell out of you. I am now not shaving my arms anymore.

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  • its turn up the first girl was right since beginning.

  • I can't even fathom how true this is

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