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I'm so tired of feeling like the world is pushing me around for it's own shits and giggles. if I'm quiet, I'm labeled dumb or insane. if I speak, I'm a loud mouth know it all and treated like a narcissist. if I look at people, it's judged as a sexual level look but if I don't look at women i must be gay. if I'm laughing and enjoying myself, it's childish. but, if I don't crack a smile, I'm angry and I must be a psycho killer. if I be the kind hearted person that I am, I'm a naive pushover. if I stand up for myself, I'm a over aggressive nut job... 3 days ago I was sleeping in a bush because I had no where else too sleep or shower plus I have digestive issues, so please excuse me if I don't want to be close to anyone else when I stink to high hell. I thought I was being considerate, but of course I was called a jerk and a racist for it...I'm not very far off from just cutting myself off from all humanity just for the sake of my own mental welfare, and the sad part is that I love people for the most part.

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  • Isn't that how it is? A lot of this describes the story of my life particularly the if I'm kind I'm a pushover bit. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm labeled as over aggressive but I am at least a bother and sometimes even a child.

  • I think it's terrible that people feel like this all the time. Humanity sucks. And I am extremely worried about how much I can relate to this

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