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I get bored sometimes, so I study for fun out of old textbooks. I'm not in college right now. Even if I went back, I wouldn't get credit for the studying I'm doing on my own time. But it's fun for me. I like to study and learn. I just hate things like research papers, theses, and group presentations. I also would hate going into student loan debt without the guarantee of using my degree in a better paying job. I study for fun because it has the challenge of getting through one more chapter or module. I'm driven to finish because I want to. There's no pressure of "If I don't do this, I'll be wasting thousands of dollars and my hard work". Pressure like that doesn't make me work harder, it just scares me and I give up.

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  • Same here. I'm always buying used textbooks and writing essays no one will read. Never stop learning 👊

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