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I wonder where it gone wrong? We were so close, people thought we are dating. I clearly show that I had a crush on him and he acted like he returned my feelings. And one day we just drifted apart, and suddenly it become so awkward to just say hello to each other. I wish we could at least stay as good friend, nowdays we are no better than strangers. You are not my ex but you are not just a friend either.

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  • People grow apart, that's just life

  • Most people who complain about suddenly becoming strangers to someone, or who complain about not knowing what's going on or what were the reasons, have never actually tried getting clarification. Maybe this is also true for you - in case not, then don't feel adressed, but to anybody who this is true for: don't complain if you haven't fought. If you are losing someone, then don't sit on your bed staring at their 'online' status on WhatsApp, message them. If they reamain distant, be persistent enough to know that you've tried everything. Demand that they tell you what their reasons are. And if you've tried it, and they still won't talk to you about it, then at least you know that you weren't as important to them as you thought, and this can help you getting over them. Don't whine. Act.

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