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It's just insanely obvious that crime rate went up since we took in refugees. About 2 or 3 years ago, it was big news when someone in my hometown got mugged or raped or beaten up, because it happened almost never. Now, there's at least one story PER WEEK. But nobody is allowed to talk about it. The newspapers aren't allowed to link anything to foreigners. People aren't allowed to do so either without being labeled as Nazis. I feel like we're living in a reverse Hitler state: instead of the right wing parties, the left wing is ruling, you aren't allowed to be right wing, there's left propaganda everywhere and refugees are viewed as better than they are (opposed to jews being shown as worse). Most of the people are against it but don't dare to say anything because they are afraid. And in a few years, the country will probably lie in ashes. Maybe not in form of bombed buildings, but in a form of "we have to double lock our doors and only go outside if we can't avoid it at all costs, and if you're female, prepare to be raped". I can't express how afraid I am.

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  • That's your parents fault, but you should accept that globalization is a reality and the natural course of humanity. if you succeed and your country does implement proper laws, nature will still prevail. so my advice to you is this ; rather than remaining as the invaded, you should take the role of the invader. we cannot have any control over globalization in the next 100 years, that's why i will travel the world and why you should too

  • prepare your anus

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