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It has become a thing that people tell the world how looks aren't everything, that everyone is beautiful the way they are, etc. etc. But face it. Most of the people who say that, are dressed in fashionable clothes, put on make up, do their hair, spend a good part of their hard earned money on hairdressers, cosmetica and fashion. They follow blogs of pretty people in pretty places, like that one actor/actress because they are so beautiful, and try to get the number of that one pretty boy/girl at the bar. They buy products because the model on the package is pretty, they are more helpful towards the pretty costumer, they get creeped out by catcalls from ugly guys but are a little flattered if it comes from a Adonis. And you know what? I think that's okay. We humans are programmed to like beautiful things. Beauty equals health, at least that's what our primal instinct tells us. Instead of telling the fat chick that she's beautiful, and the guy with acne, and that person who just has a weird face, we should start to accept that we see certain thiungs as not pretty. And that some people have it just easier. We should, instead, learn how to use our brain against our primal instinct, to think: okay, not pretty. But I will try to ignore that.

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  • no one likes truth tellers, they make people uncomfortable, just as being ugly, injured, sick or inferior genetics etc... the reason people lie about those things is the same exact reason that we wear nice clothes, work out, make up etc. no one wants to be the rude person who points out how negroids are uglier, or that arboriginals are primitive humans that made into the 21st century trough geographical isolation etc. instead of judging people for being human like you did in your confession, you would get better reward trough accepting these few truths of life

  • We do become attracted to clear skin, even facial features, fit bodies and a voice to match. That's just human responses.

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