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So I'm a muslim in the US but people can't really tell because I don't cover up. I work as a waitress in a steakhouse and one night a group of people walked in for dinner. I could immediately tell where they were from because I understand arabic. Of course I didn't say so. They ordered steaks (we don't serve halal meat) They ordered alcoholic drinks (Islam forbids those) So far everything is fine and I'm not judging because I don't care and I eat that meat and drink too. But suddenly one of the guys said: excuse me, there's bacon in this dish! We're muslims! We don't eat pork! I had to hold myself from rolling my eyes and laughing, and just apologized and got them something else. The hypocrisy of where they draw the line is just mind blowing. And it's actually a common thing with most muslims, I know guys who have sex before marriage but refuse to marry a non virgin girl because "they're muslims " And guys who drink and do drugs, but don't eat pork because "they're muslims " Ugh! Yes I'm racist against my own kind. I don't like hypocrites!

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  • the muslim religion is very appealing for me as a man, i could beat up women, marry more than one and cuck europeans and americans. but those people are just so stupid that i can't be around them.

  • You are totally right. I see this kind of hypocrisy a lot.

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