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I used to have plenty of money until now. I had quite generous relatives, so by the age of 14, when I started spending money on my own, I had about $3000, which is a hell of a lot if your parents still provide for you and you only have to use your own money for things like candy, fashion (my parents still bought most of that for me), going to the cinema etc. Plus, I got monthly money of about $40. You can imagine how much I enjoyed life, being able to afford anything I wanted without having to care about being broke. When I turned 18, the gifts and monthly money from my parents stoped. I am now 20 and today I spent my last saved dollar on chocolate. I didn't even realize it until I went to get some cash and saw my balance was $0. I am in great panic right now. I still live with my parents, so theoretically, I can live with that. But I am not used to it. I am used to buying a shitload of stuff that I am, honestly, addicted to. I am used to not having to worry about money. And what I am not used to at all is working - because I have NEVER done it even a day in my life (didn't have to!). I know what everyone will say. Boohoo, poor rich spoiled brat, and so on. Trust me, I know what I am. But I am so afraid. Because everyone has already had some work experience, and I am so afraid of not getting hired because I have none. And I will get kicked out of the house by summer. If I don't find something until then, I'll be homeless. What do I do all the time, do you ask? I am studying at a university. Won't that get me a job? No, because I am dropping out. I am a failure and not prepared for life.

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  • you are fucking ridiculous, you deserve no more words from me.

  • This could be an exciting opportunity. You have experienced a volume of money that people rarely get. Talk to your parents or get in touch with others, go to salvage book stores if any. Challenge yourself to make what you have lived with you in your teen years. Stay positive most of all...how you think can effect the whole process. Make a list of how much you want to earn either per month or yearly and work towards it until it happens. Once you get there if you want to increase it, repeat the process. You can do it. :)

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