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Part of me wants to adopt a kid in the future because i think id make a good mom but most of me says hell no, that's too big of a commitment. My biggest problem is I don't want to have to wake up at 6am or earlier everyday to get them ready for school. Been there done that for 13 years, I'm over it. Other than that I feel like I could do anything else. I want to be the mom I never had. I wouldn't be a strict parent because i feel like that does more damage than good. I would want my kid to have fun and get the most out of life but also be safe and be responsible and successful. I guess ill see how i feel 5 years from now.

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  • I want to adopt a kid too... Well I'm not a morning person but the idea of waking up early for my kid sound nice.

  • Its a big commitment. Check on being a foster first before adopting.

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