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I feel like I wasn't equipped enough to really succeed in life. You want to blame your parents, but some will say you are an adult so you should take responsibility. Why have parents? Are they there to teach or to just keep you alive and the rest figure out for yourself. Where are the boundaries?

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  • there are no bousndaries, this isn't a simulation or a game, this is actual life. your parents are just as confused about life, it's purpose and how to navigate it than you are. no one knows what the fuck is actually going on. we just appear in this world. what u can control is your end goal, what you want to achieve etc

  • Speaking as someone who has been neglected as a child, you do need your parents support so it can easily be their fault. They should guide you. The problem is you have to be able to go on somehow and not let it ruin your life. Taking responsibility to me is admitting you need help so you shouldn't have to figure it all out by yourself. You just need a new support system if you can't get it from them. Really everyone could use support so those of us who have fallen behind should be able to get it

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