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Honestly... I hate it when people say they are inspired by others who have lost weight through a surgery. No. No. No. That is cheating. I don't care. If you lose weight through portion control and sport then yes you get to be admired at. Hats off I have respect for you and your efforts. But how can you be excited by the fact that you're losing weight without even bringing any effort into it. and this is coming from a fat person so don't bullshit me.

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  • how is it 'cheating' if the weight is coming off? how someone else loses weight is none of your business. even WHY they want to lose weight is none of your business. mind your business. I say this as a fat person so don't bullshit me.

  • I agree with OP. Weight loss surgery should only be used for serious medical conditions, not for cosmetic purposes. Why? Because it bypasses a persons will and determination to change themselves. It keeps them mentally weak and they will just pack the weight back on because they didn't change their habits.

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