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I am turning 27 few months from now. But I feel that I have no personal goals, my younger co workers are getting married at age 24, I do have a bf, but personally I am not ready yet for a family life, or living together with him (we are in a rel. For almost 5 years). There are many things I haven't done yet, even simple ones like going out at night, or travelling in our city, since my parents are very strict, and yes they didn't know I have a bf. I just don't know, I am afraid that I'll turn 30 or 35 still without a kid, which I also don't want to have as of now, what shall I do?

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  • You're an adult. They should know you have a boyfriend.

  • If you're 27 and have to hide your bf from your parents, that's the problem. They don't control you. Live your own life.

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