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I'm addicted to meth and now it's costing me my famly and I never did anything wrong I was a good dad to my step children and my own never hurt then was always there for the and it all because we called cops on neighbor for fireworks at night so she went and said we neglect our children and do drugs so CPS came by saw plenty of food nice house and kids had only good things to say about me but they made me piss test came up dirty even in the report CPS asked the husband that said ok t and he Denis ever saying anything like that and it must of been his wife who is on psyche meds I'm done with life I can't loose everything to something that I did no wrong I don't steal I work hard for my money repairing electronics I'm a good honest man faithfully to my woman for three years now I have nothing to live for I can't cope anymore

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  • You can get through this. Get some help. Clean yourself up. Prove that you can be a good dad- besides financially. Methheads don't make good parents, even if they care for their kids and give them nice things. Prove that your kids are important enough to you that you'll work to get them back.

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