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Im a simple girl. I don't need expensive gifts or dining at fancy restaurants. I'm fine with ordering pizza and playing video games until 3am. All of that other stuff is unnecessary. For me it's not about how much it costs and where it's at, it's more so what we're doing. If we're both having a good time that's all that matters to me. As long as you aren't a broke bum with no job and no car leaching off other people it's all good. Guys always seem to be surprised when i tell them we don't have to do all that extra shit. Like if u wanna go to the mall walk around to a few stores and then hit up the food court I'm all for it as long as we stop at sees candies for a free sample... that's my only requirement lol.

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  • Ignore these assholes that can't tell the difference between 'money isn't important' and 'I need a dependable man I can count on'. Money doesn't have to be important to not want to date a bum. There's a difference between being unemployed but looking and being a bum, leeching off of the government or their family.

  • Another "I'm not like other girls " post.

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