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I'm blind. I get that many people avoid me because they feel nervous about causing offense, and are really afraid to say the wrong things, and I appreciate them trying to be considerate... but trust me it doesn't feel good when you're seen by most people either as a superhuman who will bring a tear to the eye because of her inspirational story, or as a poor little lamb who just needs a big hug. And since people can't get over this awkwardness, it doesn't really work when I'm the only one who tries to break the ice, actually, awkwardness breeds awkwardness overtime. I thought people mature and get rid of fear and stereotypes, but most of them won't even bother. I understand that they just don't feel the need to, I'm just ranting I guess.

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  • politicaly correct culture causes people to separate from others.

  • Stay strong. I am prayng for your pain to ease.

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