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she called me a rapist and I NEVER did anything like that too her. she used to put me down because I wouldn't be rough with her in bed then called me a rapist when I finally started to be more aggressive plus she never said no or stop and never used the code word I asked her to use if I became too rough with her. now I'm just setting here thinking about how embarrassing this is and trying my hardest to think about if it I ever did even though I KNOW I DID NOT!...between my confusing relationship with her and the narcissistic abuse from my mom I don't think I will EVER let myself get that close to another woman again in my life. because from my stand point I obviously don't have what it takes too understand them or make them happy.

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  • shes playing games with you, obviously she doesn't respect you as a man. my advice to you is to go see her, push her up against a wall and fuck her hard.

  • Please look into borderline personality disorder. it could be that one of your ex girlfriends suffered from it. wish you all the best 💜

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