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Who are you slightly racist against? Even if you know it's wrong and you try your hardest to not feel like that? Personally, everyone from Eastern Europe makes me feel so uncomfortable, even though I know they can't be all bad people and that stereotyping people is wrong. But this is my experience with Eastern Europeans: -One guy tried to put something in my drink but the bar tender caught him. -One girl once jumped in a taxi I was already in and begged for a ride then left without even a thank you. -Two girls pretended to be nice tourists like us and wanted to hangout and ended up stealing my friend's laptop and phone and dissapearing. -Two girls who another girl from there claimed they're her best friends and that they were new in the country, stayed with us for months we treated them like family members and they ended up stealing huge amounts of money and running away. -And finally this girl who thinks that's her mission in life is to steal my husband from me, lol, good thing he's not a boy and knows her games. And they're all Eastern Europeans. It sucks! Now when someone introduces someone from that part of the world to me, I suddenly get uncomfortable and try my hardest to be polite.

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  • dumb people like you, by number 2 or you should had learned, but no.

  • Most pure chinese people, dirty and arrogant. Treats other asians like shit.

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