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Today I was kissed by another girl for the first time in my life. It was lunchtime but I needed to go visit a certain teacher. When I was walking to that class I ran into a girl from my algebra class . I had never really spoken to her but I always thought she was really pretty. She came up to me in the empty hallway and she said ''Hey can you tell (our algebra teacher) I'm leaving early today?'' And I was kind of dumbfounded because we had never spoken before so I never knew what her voice sounded like until that moment. I wanted to say yes but the words wouldn't come out and then I was like ''uh...yeah'' and she looked at me and said ''are you alright?'' And then the words just spilled out of my mouth, I said ''you are so beautiful.'' without even thinking. And she stared at me for a few seconds and then she kissed me! She kissed me! We made out for like ten seconds and when it was over I was like ''Woah'' and she was like ''Yeah. Woah.'' And we just stood there for a while and then she said ''well that was weird. See you tomorrow.'' And she walked away. I know I'm straight but I really enjoyed that. Does that make me gay??

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  • It's not just black and white, it's a whole f-in rainbow, there are also bisexuals and pansexuals

  • so thats how lesbians are made.

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