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I keep having weird recurring dreams. I've been having recurring dreams since I was a kid but I haven't had scary/weird ones for about 10 years. When i was younger i used to have dreams that i was trapped in a car going full speed on a road that was like a roller coaster track. Lately i keep having dreams about weird stairs. In last nights dream it was narrowing winding stairs with holes that you could fall through and I had to jump 3 feet from the stairs to get to the room and then when I got to the room it was un balanced and if u went to far one way you would tip over. It wasn't really scary it was just weird and this is literally the 5th or 6th time ive had a dream like this in 2017. I've also had a former teacher of mine in almost every dream every night for over a year. I used to like my dreams but now they suck

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  • those dreams means soon you will have a horrible death falling from the stairs. have a nice day :)

  • Maybe you need more fiber in your diet.

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