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today during school my friend asked me if her background really meant tragedy. It was a Japanese or Chinese symbol im not sure but underneath it said tragedy.I told her im not Chinese so I wouldn't know, she said oh I just assumed because your asian. so I went to google translate and search hi and translated it to greek. I aksed her what it meant because she is white and that obviously means she knows all white language. i kept asking her and she snapped ans she was like idk! so I said see just because your white doesn't mean you know all white languages

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  • In all fairness to you there's a lot of assumption that all Asian people are the same but you didn't have to be such an arrogant arse about it. She had a question and asked her friend who might possibly know the answer or have family who do. She wasn't trying to be racist or bigoted but you reacted arrogantly.

  • You are retarded

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