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My mother was just racially abused in our local supermarket by another member of staff. He made a racist comment at her and another customer laughed and the other customers just pretended like it was nothing. My mother was humiliated. She tried to keep it together and complained to the manager. The manager came back saying that the staff member denied saying anything and because there was no evidence there was nothing he could do. We came back home and she burst into a flood of tears. She has a history of depression and is very lonely so she cant even talk it out with anyone. Im so angry, how can someone treat another person like that? And because there is no hard evidence this pathetic worm will get away free. My mother is to scared to go back, but knows she has to because this is the best store to shop at nearby and we dont have a car. I cant go with her because i am at school when she runs these errands. It hurts so much to see her like this. She works os hard to look after her children. I dont know what to say to her to make her feel better.

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  • Have her carry a pocket recorder.

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