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I might not show it, but i'm still in love with you. A part of me dies everytime i see you with her, but then when i see you smiling i know she was the right choice for you. Sometimes i wonder.. why her? why did you choose her over me? But there's no real answer to that. I know that she hates it when you talk to me, cause im the ex. But as happy as i am for you, a part of me is thrilled that she sees me as a threat. Recently you wrote to me and told me that you've never met a better person than me, and that you appreciate the amount of times i've forgiven you after you've hurt me. I think a part of me will always love you, even though we're nothing but best friends now. I hope she treats you well. Forever&always, yours.

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  • Same situation with me..i have a tear in my eye right now..

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