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I have a Female co-worker (let's call her Aria; Not her real name of course) and I are both Temps. (Temporary Employees via Agency). So we share stories about each other's life, past experiences etc. (she mostly do, because I don't talk much that much; btw she's already married so no intimate feelings here). . . . To me, in all the months we've worked together, I enjoy / enjoyed her company, she was like a best friend actually, talking to her about stuff, problems, social life, parties, about women etc., we don't use text messages or phones when we talk, because we do it personally while at work. Sometimes we talk about how it is "OhMayGawd Aria, why is it that it's just Wednesday?!?! I felt like already worked for 5Days?!?!" We start laughing out, she'll say "I know just two more days and it's Friday" and I'll be like "yep, can't wait till' Weekends." We always talk like that when it's a Tuesday or a Wednesday. So, During break times and Lunch time, we both sit at different tables but right next to each other (more of like Alone Time for our selves, use phone, eat etc.) After that, we go back to we were doing. . . . We talked about what do we do when it's free time (day offs). I said "nothing, sleeping, videogames like that. I don't party because i'm too old to party". She asked "how old were you again?" When she found out about me age, she's like "OhmayGawd, too old? When I was your age, I party alot, go out with friends etc. etc." I told her I don't have friends (because I rarely go out of the house. I have friends but, it's different and it's hard to meet new friends, especially when you're abroad). She said "you know why you don't have friends? Because you're lazy." And I'm like no i'm not. . . . . We always talk about activities, like going out on a park, movies, themeparks, restaurants etc. I always say "No, I don't think I have tried that...". She will be like "damn dude, you're boring, you're never gonna find someone". Well, you can't go to the park, movies or restaurants alone right? That would be awkward. Aria will say "why would it be awkward? Bring an Imaginary Friend then..." and we would start to laugh. . . . . About where we work, it's a warehouse, so most of our employees are Male, there are some Females but most of them work on the upper floor, the Office, and that's it (what we do, isn't important.) We usually work on Monday through Fridays, so Weekend's we're off. . . . (I think a week before April) Another weekend has passed. Lunch time!. Our tables are right next to each other, this guy (let's call him HappyGuy; he works at a different department, but we are on the same floor, we are right next to them.) He approached my friend during lunch time, he asked about her, about her family, if she's married, all typical, "Hey, you're new here, tell me about yourself stuff". . . . Real story begins here. The day after that happened, Aria told me that HappyGuy added him on Facebook, so in which, she added too. Because HappyGuy is familiar to her. She told me he commented on one of her pictures and said "you look beautiful here" (somewhere between those words). Nothing creepy yet right.? . . . Exactly 3 days after HappyGuy added Aria, she told me she got a random text from a number saying "do you like my beard?". I was laughing my ass off when she told me that. Because there's only one guy in a specific department we know who has a "MightyBeard". She replied "who's this?". The random number didn't answer (from what I remembered). Aria blocked the number. . . . . Next day, HappyGuy is on our department, loading / unloading stuff and transferring them to their department. And Aria told me that he asked HappyGuy how old is he, and talk about some stuff. She said that he's middle-aged when we got the chance to talk, and she told him that "you don't look like your age" (because of the MightyBeard.) So, Aria and I went back to work and complete the necessary orders for the day. A whole week passed and it felt normal, just day-in, do this, break, day-out type of work. . . . . Another weeks has passed. So, it's another Monday (last week) Aria was asked by our manager if she can help out the other guys from our department, which is in the other end of the warehouse. I was left alone to do the things / orders that was left. That lasted for 3 days. She was kind of close with (let's call him Tor.) because they speak the same language and they talk a'lot too. On the Thursday morning, Aria told me she recieved another text, from a different number, saying "creepy disgusting old guy stuff". I told her, did you tell anyone about it? She said she can't tell her husband because he might not allow her to go to work anymore, in which she really needs it because she has a kid. But she told me that (let's call him Sam) she told sam too about it. Day Ends. Friday: normal, day in, day out. . . . . Monday (yesterday). Aria: remember when I told you about HappyGuy added me on Facebook? I blocked him after he commented on my picture. Me: good, you shouldn't out your number on Facebook, everyone can see it, even public. So i taught her how to private her number, who can add her and stuff. She told me "you know dude, I told you about the number that kept texting me? During the Weekend I had 10, TEN, Different numbers texting on my phone, it's all the same guy. So, she was scared already, genuinely, so was I for her, I felt her fear. . . . . She told the management about it, they seem like to be working on who it is. We, Her and I both know who could it be possibly texting her. . . . . Today , April 12, 2017 We greeted each other good morning, worked on the orders for the day, and She reminded me that it's Company Meeting day, there is free food, she didn't brought Lunch. So I told her, "should we go? We're only Temps. here". Aria said of course! Then we started working on an order, talked normally like another day. She showed asked me randomly "Christian, what is Noffy Noffy? I was like "what?, Noffy Noffy? What's that" (she had an accent btw). She showed me a random text message. It chilled in my spine literally, the way you feel when a Serial Psychopath is after you? That kind of chill. The text said "I know what you do, you work with Christian (yep That's me). Don't you think the whole department doesn't know about you and Tor (their relationship / affair, WHICH THEY DON'T HAVE), you are such a Naughty Naughty woman." The text messages sent to her were so fucking disgusting, as a guy, it creeped me out, but for her, a woman who received a text like that? it's hell. (the word was Naughty) I told her that's what you say to your kid when he did something bad. I felt it, she was about to cry, it's fucking real and creepy, the way it was said. . . . . When we finished. I told her, just forget about it, something good will come out of it, well, for now you can help out the other guys (other end of the floor), I can handle things here" And she was like "are you sure? Ok then, Don't miss me too much okay?" We both laughed out loud. I replied "oh please, you're not my type.." 30 mins. before Lunch time! The Upper Floor called her (Office). When she went down, she said "guess what, Christian, the Office doesn't want me to go back to work until they find out / fish out who is threatening me..." I told before that we don't text each other, because I don't want to text her and cause trouble with her husband or something. After she said that, deep inside, I was hurt, I just lost a best friend, the sadness when you have very dear friend who just died. I was so down the whole day, we we're both Temporary Employees, sent via Agency. So the Agency might send her somewhere else now. She was the Life of the Party. Now, it's gone. Before she left, she made a salute to me like "see you somewhere Christian..." I felt empty. Crushed, not that because I have an intimate feeling for her or anything but, she was my friend, like I can tell her anything. Man, I feel so crushed right now, it's like being in-love, you got broken hearted sad. Like that.

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