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i think it's too funny to watch white nations exterminate themselves. there's something so pathetic about these european men. i know that by technical terms it is not their fault and that they have been mind-hackes but i really don't care because they are just too oblivious. I wanna to Europe and rape and fuck all white whores i see and then acuse those idiots of racism when they try to arrest me. it will probably work too, that's how srupid they are

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  • Have you seen any third-world nation run by a white guy? Nope. Guess what color dou you think third-world nation leaders are? Yup. Kinda takes the wind out of your sails. Sorry so true but you is a chump! he he he he he he oh yeaaaah! In your face!

  • so this is not rejected by the admins but when i post about wanting the muslim filth out of europe it gets blocked. thanx a lot confesster for being a right wing hater

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