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These days I've been eating a lot cause food can relieve my stress. But I don't think I got much weight just maybe 1 kg because I still work out. And beside I kinda want to stop being so obsessed with my weight and just enjoy food as long I'm still happy. But I have this friend who keep looking at me like she judge me and say "omg you got fatter". I tried to ignore her but it getting annoying and beside she is in no place to say I'm fat, she is 60 kgs or maybe more while I'm 50 kgs! I never judge her body and always said the most important thing is being happy with our body but why she keeps judging my body? I have a low confidence and everytime she judge me I feel more insecure.

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  • She might be jealous and you don't have to be insecure. Your weight is perfect! :)

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