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So update to my last confession -- so I told you all that my fiances brother, girl and daughter moved in with us. It's been a little over a month and already shits been hitting the fan. Surprisingly, I really like the girl. I like her energy and we get along very well. My fiance's brother is a piece of shit. I'm not sure if he's weening off of drugs , but he has an erratic personality, and he takes it out on his girl. I've known this about him from the fucking last time he was here. He punched one of our friends all because he was hallucinating shit. The guy has issues, and I'm not kidding, he has serious deep rooted issues. Today he started throwing shit.. And all I heard was loud bangs.. And of course I was nervous .. I have my two year old daughter in the house and I thought he broke something or maybe hurt his girl. And I already knew eventually he would act out cuz that's what he does , and honestly I'm soooo fuckkng over all of this. In my old house, I had To live with crazy ass upstairs neighbors who use to curse, scream , break and bang every fucking chance they got. I was relived when I moved , now I have to deal with this fucking energy AGAIN????? And then I have to take hours out of my day to console his girl cuz it breaks my heart to see her so upset .. It's just so aggravating. I just want to live alone with my fiancé and daughter. That's literally all I want and until I'm able to, a part of me will always be dead and depressed. At this point in my life , I deserve to be happy .. And living with these people , I'm not. My home is my oasis , where I come back from a long day and just relax. I have noooo idea what that's like because it's always been one thing or the other. When I was living with my mom and sister, my mom is a narcissistic crazy person and my sister fell in love , went down a strict spiritual path , and changed -- completely. She became erratic and only when she was with her man was she normal. And alllll that bullshit fell on me. She left , my mom now lives with us , and I'm sooo over her energy ... Just so over it. And my mans brother just made it worse. Some days I look on the bright side of life, other days I break down and ask God why does this happen, and why is my happiness taking so long ?? Yes money is an issue, and sometimes I just want to win the lotto and the first thing I'd do is get THE FUCKKKK away from everyone, starting with my family and my mans family. Everyone's trash and I feel sooo bad that my daughter won't have a normal uncle, aunt, or grandparents. Anywho, I'll continue to pray for better days , thanking God and the universe for the beautiful things I DO have , and hope that all this is just the storm before my beautiful sunny day, where I can finally wake up in my own space and feel comfortable without that stagnant energy.

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  • That was long winded. I have no idea what you said but you sure can type a novel faster than Stephen King.

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