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Whats the worst thing your family has ever done to you?

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  • I have posted this before, but it still fucks with me. My mother tried to talk my wife into divorcing me and aborting my kid. When she said no my mom got pissy and told me "her and the kid or me" I told her, "no." So she disowned me, adopted a replacement son, and lied to every mutual contact we had that I beat her and won't let her see her grandkid. There may be a racial aspect in this as my kid is half Philippine and my mom is a German who hates Christians and thinks all non-whites are dumb..

  • My mother was abusive and neglectful and we only managed to be taken away 3 years after she took us to live with her in a different country. And then my dad married another psycho and couldn't see it and defended her until she tried to kill herself and threatened everyone in the house

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