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So I had been curious about Trans chicks for a while. I finally broke down and decided to get an escort. She was kinda more like a trap. No boobs installed yet, you can still kinda tell. Anyway so we disrobe and I immediately see her cock is like nearly twice the size of mine. At this point I'm shy, but I take my robe off anyway. She says "It's so cute! It's just the right size for my boipussy." Something isn't right. After that we start to 69 her on top. So I'm laying there with a dick twice the size of mine in my mouth when it hits me. What if those trolls on the internet who say, "Traps are gay." weren't joking? I mean I have balls resting on my nose at this point. This feels pretty gay. At this point tears are welling in the corner of my eyes. She notices I stopped sucking, and asks if I want to do a different position. I ask her do you think I'm gay? At this point I burst into tears. She spent the rest of the session holding me and comforting me.

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  • So OP posts this confession. Then he comments under it saying "nigga you're gay" without realizing that when OP comments it shows up written in green 😂 then when people found out and started to point it, the comment dissapears. Long story short, it's a fake story and he was trying to get shit started in the comment section.

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