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God I feel awful because I don't know what is wrong with me and I have to wait until Tuesday to possibly find out. I've been having problems with diarrhea. it's like everything goes in but sometimes my belly just starts bloating during the day and not until the night time he'll breaks loose and I have to run multiple times. Sometimes during the day but more often during the night. that wouldn't be so bad but the last two nights I've been pooping myself in my sleep. like it mostly lands and my underwear and I usually wake up before I flip around and make a total mess but it is still worrisome. gladly this happens once before I went to the doctor and I am smart enough to put a towel folded into my bed to catch the fluids. but still it's nothing a 23 y/o should go through. I must admit I downplayed the diarrhea for months but then right before I had an appointment I had my first accident and now after my third one I'm getting worried. I'm hoping he found something or else I'm going to cause hell on Tuesday. I do take medication for my thyroids (Hypothyroidism) and the dosage was too high which led me to believe that it may be the reason. but he knocked me down quite a bit and the diarrhea is still there. I was well for like 2 days and now it's worse.... god I'm seriously crying because I'm tired and my meds aren't dosed right yet and it's a mess. sorry for venting so much about my poop but it bothers me right now..

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I've had a similar problem to yours after abdominal surgery, but I'm actually going through the opposite now - nothing wants to leave me so I'm like majorly blocked up. May have to go to the hospital if this last batch of medicine doesn't work. We're thinking it's from some of my new meds but we'll see. Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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